Brokerage Solutions

The prevailing view of shippers regarding the broker and 3PL relationship is straightforward, and so is the GT Worldwide Logistics, Inc. approach to freight brokerage as a solution.

It is still true that 80 percent of carriers have five or fewer trucks. We utilize our proprietary technology to access the small carrier community more quickly and with greater success than a s hipper typically can on its own. GT and our affiliates have worked tirelessly to build the relationships held within the carrier community and we are experts at deploying these assets on behalf of our carriers and customers.

"GT Logistics provides a quality service at the right price and they continue to work to get the solution that is required. Transports are scheduled to be able to get the best load out and ensure the transports have been maximized to limit the total number of trucks required. Overall supervison is very high and experienced and works with the team to ensure no issues at either end of the route and/or project less"
-Kevin Sutcliffe, Retired August 2014, former customer of Robert Sapp

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