Independent Sales Representatives (ISRs), for GT Worldwide or any of our affiliates are more than just broker or truck agents. An ISR is our strategic partner and, most importantly, our customer. We provide the tools and make available our extensive in-house expertise that allows an ISR to design seamless and cost-effective transportation solutions to meet their customers’ expectations. Our agents are the “one-stop-shop” that today’s shipper expects. It’s not difficult to summarize the advantages gained by joining our team:

Truck Agents

  • Lucrative weekly commissions
  • Web-based Transportation Management System
  • Competitive insurance packages for owner operators
  • Timely driver qualification
  • IFTA record maintenance and quarterly filings
  • Log auditing
  • Monthly maintenance review
  • Professional and courteous safety department
  • Fuel cards with 24/7 access and corporate discounts

Broker Agents

  • Load board access
  • Expedited carrier qualifications
  • Centralized corporate administrative support
  • Quick credit decisions
  • “Diamond Broker” status on
  • Visibility to available company trucks
  • Ability to sell throughout North America
  • LTL | Truckload | Intermodal | Heavy Haul | All Sectors

Agent Testimonials

“Every type of support an agent could possibly ever want or need! From Financing, Safety, Regulatory, IT, Sales Assistance, to Recruiting other Agents or Owner Operators to build passive income, and beyond all that, Comradery! If an agent is willing to demonstrate their willingness to be successful, this company will put every conceivable tool and expert at their disposal to make it happen. Being an Agent here, is like having your very own team of Bankers, Accountants, Transportation Attorneys, Safety Experts, IT Professionals, Sales Professionals and Recruiters at your disposal, and each and every one of them will throw everything including the "Kitchen Sink" at making you successful!”

-Robert Sapp, Agency owner

“[GT Worldwide is] Friendly and courteous. They know we are just as important as the customers we bring to the table. They work with us to make sure we can meet our customer’s needs and pay our carriers quickly and accurately!”

- Chad Aman, Agency owner

“The people really make a difference: from Safety, accounting and administration, to IT and all of the support personnel; the speed with which they take care of any of my needs amazes me. I have worked for many companies throughout my career, and GT Worldwide is second to none in so many ways. After being here for a year and a half, I want to say thank you to all of them.”

- Ed Greutman, Agency owner
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